Pure Yacon Syrup Extract Review

Yacon, a South American root which has been part of the Andean diet for hundreds of years, may be the next big thing to promote healthy weight loss. Not only does it have the potential to significantly trim waistlines, it also appears to naturally support good digestion and regulate blood sugar – all without supplements or pills. The team at The Dr. Oz Show asked several viewers interested in weight loss to try yacon syrup for 28 days – and you won’t want to miss the exciting results:


  • 29 (73%) of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost five pounds or more
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches
  • Total weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
  • 27 (68%) recommended yacon as a weight loss tool

See this on the Dr. Oz Show Now! This was before it was put into capsules for better results.

It produces juicy, edible tubers, from which its name, translated as “watery root,” is derived. People in the Andes have enjoyed yacon as a food source for more than a thousand years. When put into a concentrated powder form, the results are astounding.

How does Yacon Work?

It is high in prebiotics, such as inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS). The concentration of FOS, which are sugars found naturally in many plants, is particularly high in yacon syrup. FOS resist breakdown by enzymes in the human digestive system and reach the colon without being digested. This means that yacon syrup is very low in calories (about 20 calories per tablespoon). FOS also acts as a soluble fiber, which increases stool bulk to help prevent and control constipation.

Yacon Syrup Side Effects

It is quickly becoming one the best selling weight loss product on the market. Thanks to famous tv talk show, thousands of hopeful dieters are searching for yacon syrup to aid in natural weight loss.

If you’re one of these people, keep reading to learn about the potential

Is Yacon Safe?

For most people, there are no side effects . Yacon syrup comes the yacon plant, which is native to the areas near the Andes Mountains. It is similar to molasses in taste and is commonly used as a natural sweetener. However, some people may not be best suited for using it.

It increases the frequency of bowel movements and also loosens stool. Therefore, adults who experience diarrhea on a regular basis or have loose stools may not be best suited to use yacon syrup. Using yacon syrup could cause nausea, diarrhea, or bloating.

Second, the yacon plant is a relative of the sunflower plant. Therefore, adults who are allergic to sunflower seeds should not use yacon syrup. Using it could cause allergic reactions, which can be serious in some cases. Therefore, avoid using it all together if you have a sunflower allergy.


Yacon Root Syrup Natural Weight Loss

Yacon syrup is a natural weight loss solution that is both safe and effective. There has never been a weight loss product that is as safe and effective as yacon syrup. Plus, most yacon syrup users find the taste of yacon syrup to be quite good and it can be used in so many different ways.

If you’re looking for a natural weight loss solution, you should definitely consider yacon syrup. It’s safe, effective, and will improve your overall health.

Does It Really Help You Lose Weight?

It’s nice when there’s already plenty of research on something when we learn about it. That’s the case here. There’s a decent amount of clinical trials that have already been performed and results are definitely promising. In one 120-day double blind placebo study the weight loss was substantial – we’re talking over 30 pounds. That’s nothing to stiff at, right? I agree. They seen an average of a 2-inch reduction around the waist, too.

But that’s not all. There’s much more to it than simply being an organic, natural weight loss supplement. Study participants also benefited from lower LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). This all happened by simply taking the extract. They were told not to change other habits related to diet and exercise.

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